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App Review: Meditation Apps

Last week I walked you through a loose rendition of the Loving-Kindness meditation. Today I want to share a few apps that might help you tackle meditation. Guided meditations help me a ton. They give me an anchor, something to focus on, and it lets my brain chill out about how long I’ve been sitting. I find sitting for longer than a few minutes in silence is too difficult for my anxious brain, so in my attempt to rack up 10 minutes a day, I’ve tried a few smartphone apps to help myself out.

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Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation “But by sitting down to meditate each day, even if it’s for a very short time, that feeling of being present, aware, and in the moment, becomes increasingly familiar and is then that much easier to apply to the rest of your life.” – Get Some Headspace, Andy Puddicombe There’s so much good in meditation. I could – and will – speak at length about its benefits, as it could probably fill an entire blog. What I want to focus on today is a specific type of meditation called loving-kindness. Loving-kindness helps [...]

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Revival and Shift

It’s time to take a different tack here. I’ve been so afraid of doing stuff incorrectly that I have stifled myself. I’ve been worried about making pin-able, shareable images, the right SEO choices and content that is worthwhile. I write a post, then file it away, convinced that no one will want to read it, that it has been done before, better and more meaningfully written. For months I’ve tried to ignore the fact that I’ve even started this blog, but the guilt of not doing it weighs on me. So the [...]

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Your Inner Critic and The Power of A Name

If there’s one thing that is ubiquitous among people pushing themselves, it’s the shared experience of the inner critic. It’s that voice that often crops up as we attempt to do something, especially something creative...

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Welcome to Create All You Can

My name is Callista, but most people call me Calli. Like, Goddess of Time and Empowerment, but much rounder and with fewer arms. Or, like “shake it Cali,” from Tupac’s California Love, which became popular while I was a 7th grader living in Sacramento.

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